What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin trading has grown rapidly in popularity over the last three years. The trading bot Bitcoin Trader opens up completely new perspectives for investors. The Bitcoin market capitalisation is currently over 135 billion US dollars. This means that investment advisors and traders can make money with the leading cryptocurrencies.
The cryptocurrency markets operate day and night. For investors, this means that the window of opportunity to make a profit is also in operation around the clock. With crypto trading bot Bitcoin Trader, traders can make decent profits.
The following article provides comprehensive information about the functionality of Bitcoin Trader.


What is Bitcoin Trader?

With Bitcoin Trader, a trading software has been developed, namely for cryptocurrencies. The software checks large amounts of global data that are allocated for Bitcoin. In doing so, it checks the best trading opportunities so that investors can maximise profits. The bot analyses the market and does so with an accuracy and speed that a human could never achieve. The bot then signals the most optimal times to buy and sell bitcoin.

Features & Functionality


Who is behind Bitcoin Trader?

Who developed Bitcoin Trader cannot be determined. However, the features of the software show that only computer programmers with intensive knowledge in machine learning with cryptocurrency trading, have developed this trading bot. Investors can expect to be assigned a reputable broker depending on where they live.

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Opinions about Bitcoin Trader

After I signed up, I immediately got a call from an employee of Bitcoin Trader who explained all the functions of the bot to me. This was not only done competently, but also in a very polite and friendly manner. Now it’s clear to me how I have to handle the bot so that it brings me decent profits. Now I am happy to earn more than 400 US dollars a day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Automatic trading: With the trading bot, investors can experience the convenience of automatic trading. Only the desired settings need to be entered.
Multiple deposit options: PayPal, Skrill or bank transfers are available to fund the account.
In-Dasboard Customer Service: Those who need help online can contact Bitcoin Trader’s customer service directly via the account dashboard.
Daily payout of winnings: Every investor can have winnings paid out daily.
Access to multiple platforms: One can access the bot using mobile and desktop gadgets.

Minor limitations: Cryptocurrencies are limited.


With Bitcoin Trader, it is made easy for investors to trade cryptocurrencies and make profits. This can increase personal capital enormously. Investors do not have to spend the whole day in front of the PC, but it is sufficient to schedule about half an hour for it. The bot will check the market data and place positive trades on behalf of the investor.
Bitcoin Trader will provide the necessary trading signals. Investors just need to follow appropriate instructions to achieve such great profits.
There are also many testimonials that are positive about the robot Bitcoin Trader. The profitability is stated to be over 80 %.
Those who are new to Bitcoin trading should first use the free demo account. This allows beginners to first familiarise themselves with the software.
Investors should also bear in mind that the trading bot does not only deliver positive trades. It can happen that one or two trades are placed negatively. However, this can be stopped by adjusting the settings accordingly.
Bitcoin Trader works with reputable and regulated brokers, which underpins the seriousness of the bot.

How does Bitcoin Trader compare to other bots?

Bitcoin Trader is a reliable trading bot and the best that can be found on the market at the moment. The associated software is also among the very best on the market.
This is one of the reasons why we can recommend Bitcoin Trader without hesitation.